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From full band to overdubs we have a large selection of vintage and modern mics. Now with three Universal Audio Apollo 8's we can record up to 24 tracks at one time through Neve 1073, API, Manley VOXBOX, UA 610 and Hamptone tube pre amps for warm, clear  sound through UA Studer 800 tape plugin using Pro Tools.

Other services include:

Archiving audio or book cassettes to CD, MP3, flash drive vs verse

When it comes to mixing Jimi believes in making it musical first. All songs are mixed and saved in the box through our numerous high end UAD & Waves plug ins. With total recall  adjustments are easy and quick. Want to mix it yourself but don't know how? Here at Roseleaf we feel everyone has got to start somewhere. If you have an idea of what it should sound like we will help you get your project there! Or let Jimi mix it for you in person/internet.

 With amazing UAD mastering plugins and high end TT Dynamic Range Metering we can finish your project off in a manner in which will be competitive yet dynamic. Already love your mixes? We will leave them alone and master them without embelishing or re-mixing.



Jimi has appeared on more than 100 albums and Cd's. He's been nominated a record 20x and won International Blues Drummer of the year 2015. His drum services which include tracking and lessons are also available in person or online. As a resident in the North West for 22 years he has an vast connection with the local music community allowing him to access from a well of talent including Arrangers, Horns, Guitarists, Bass, Pedal Steel, Organ Keyboards, Singers to complete your project.


I built and modeled my studio after the main room of Wire Recording in Austin TX. Using cedar to cover the walls and acoustically treated ceiling with no right angles it's 650 sq ft with two ISO rooms for vocals, amps, upright bass etc. I also have another two rooms in seperate structures for complete seperation when recording loud! I enjoy all types of music though Blues is my first love.  If you've never recorded before don't worry I have. I'm patient, understanding and will listen to your needs.


The Proven ones

TPO's latest release You Ain't Done went straight was mixed by Jimi to #1 on The Billboard Charts April 17th 2020 ! Recorded and Mixed by Jimi The Proven Ones debut release  was nominated by The Blues Foundation For best Contemorary Blues Album of the Year. To hear more go to


SE Portland OR 97215

Our studio is open 7 days a week: Hours vary please contact us for more info.



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Call us at 1-503-708-8316

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