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Micheal Sneed

Director at Legend of the Hawk Productions Jimi has worked on two CD's with Mike, Vampyre's Lament and Micheal Sneed and Friends Are You Hearing? Drums recorded at Roseleaf Mixed and Mastered by Mike.

Suburban Slim

Multi award winning Portland Guitarist Suburban Slim has been wowing audiences for more than 30 years. With his funny yet insiteful songs and lyrics he is one of the best in the business. Jimi has worked with him numerous times and a new live in studio CD is to be out soon in 2016.

Paul deLay

DeLay led a band called Brown Sugar, which played in Portland-area clubs for most of the 1970s, and then began leading a band under his own name in 1978. DeLay toured with Chicago piano player Sunnyland Slim and guitarist Hubert Sumlin....

Jimi played many times with Paul and recorded a live CD that Paul coined the titled "Bott n Paid For!"


Recorded/mixed by Sean Flora Jimi and Jason Honl additional mixing at Roseleaf.  With a guitar/harmonica/bass/drums line-up, Woodbrain might be mistaken for a typical blues collective -- at least until this fiery Portland, Oregon, foursome begins to play, when it quickly becomes apparent they are potentially an evolutionary force in the genre. Or several genres at once. Woodbrain's energy is incendiary; their music deeply rooted in tradition.

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